About Us

SUNS STEPS Disinfection Service was establish is the mid of pandemic, the concept and objective is to help the Government, Community, Family and Individual to fight and control the virus (COVID19).

SUNS STEPS Pest Control Management was establish is the other country with other name, with one of the biggest hospital and all its staff accommodations, one of the biggest

SUNS STEPS Disenfection Service & Pest Control Management opens last January 2021, WE are proud and aiming to be one of the best pest control company in the Philippines.

WE believe in IPM principles, it means the combination of traditional and modern techniques are better than only one approach in dealing with one problem, Integrated Pest Management is right approach in controlling pests, that includes the pest identification, locate the entry point, evaluation, record keeping, monitoring ant treatment with odorless, less to none hazardous to human but effective chemicals for target pests.